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Unique Endophyte Technology

AVANEX® Unique Endophyte Technology may assist in reducing the number of birds on or near sports fields, amenity areas and airfields. The alkaloids produced by the endophytes not only reduce the number of insects available for birds to feed on, but can also reduce a number of bird species feeding on the grass.

AVANEX® Unique Endophyte Technology in turf grasses provides tough, wear resistant cultivars that can stand up to aircraft movement, jet blasting and braking in an airport environment as well as being able to assist in the reduction of birds and insects in sports fields and amenity turf situations. 

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“Christchurch International Airport has been extremely pleased with the results of AVANEX® Jackal on our airfield. Right from the start some 12 years ago, Christchurch International Airport understood the benefits of the development of such a product and hence the large investment we have put into this project"

Christchurch International Airport

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